I said I would talk in more detail about Waves; here is the extended blog!

I spent the weekend in Suffolk to attend the premiere at Melton Old Church, given by Christine Whiffen, as part of a series of concerts organised by the East Anglian Academy of Organ and Early Keyboard Music.

Christine commissioned a piece for harpsichord shortly after hearing Move!, to be in the style of a Louis Couperin ‘unmeasured prelude’, where no rhythm is indicated and a stylised notation is used, consisting of only semibreves and long, sweeping slur lines.  I had first studied these from the performer’s point of view in lessons with Christine at The University of Birmingham and had found them very interesting.

Constructing a piece without prescribed rhythm proved to be quite a challenge.  What I wanted to achieve was a piece which mirrored the unfurling of patterns from Couperin’s labyrinth of slurs and semibreves as best as possible, within a framework where the ‘free’ rhythm was absolutely inherent.  You can make up your own minds whether I succeeded there!

You can read a review of the concert here:

…and listen to a recording here:

I would like to thank Christine for this interesting commission and for her performance.


Photo credit:  Charmian Berry


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